Alvinstorr (City)

Alvinstorr City Map

The Capital City of the Kingdom of the same name, Alvinstorr has grown next to the mouth of the Alvin, a river running down from the mountains to the north. Built atop and along a hill/cliff-face Alvinstorr is easily defensible from conventional attack.

The most famous part of the city, however, is not within the city walls, and is the Magic College. Initially little more than ruins of an old tower, the College (as well as the town) were founded by the Archmage Orion the Dragon, who settled in and repaired the structure, founding a school in his retirement. The descendents of the Archmage still rule the Kingdom to this day.

The current King of Alvintorr, Edward Longhands, maintains his residence in the Lord’s Palace in the Northern Part of the city, adjacent to a large public park.

Places in Alvinstorr:
The Lord’s Palace
The Magic College
Dremen’s Inn
Mia’s Foodhouse
The Dancing Elf
The Salty Seaman

Alvinstorr (City)

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