The Living Lands Background Information

The Living Lands is a region of land on the Eastern Edge of a larger continent. From the cold and snowy north to the swampy and rainy south, there are a variety of climates. Bounded on the Western edge by a high and dangerous spine of Mountains known as the Divide, the people of the Living Lands are sheltered and do not know much about the rest of the continent outside of hearsay and legend. According to tradition, those who cross the mountains, or battle the icy northern sea or monsters and storms of the southern ocean find a strange land of dark grasses, mysterious sights and sounds, and dreadful fear.

Pre-fracture, the Living Lands had long been stable and peaceful. With the Ash Kingdom ruling the majority of the region, war and famine were at a low. Outside of the occasional border skirmish with Alvinstorr or raid from Makesh or the New Islands, there was no fear and no worry. Scholarship and advancement ruled the day.

The coming of the Fracture changed everything. Named both for the breaking of the Earth and the breaking of the Ash Kingdom, the Fracture shook up the Living Lands quickly and dramatically. With the death and end of the Ash Dynasty various cities of the Kingdom claimed independence and territory. Multiple would-be Kings reigned across the region while Alvinstorr closed it’s borders, hoping to avoid the war and plague alike. In the South Makesh expanded, grabbing more territory in the swamps around the city.

It was only with the coming The Ashes and his One True God that peace slowly began to spread again. With a mixture of Miracle, Diplomacy, and Might he managed to bring the areas around the former capital city to heel, slowly spreading his religious ferver and control across the Lands of the former Kingdom. Blaming the Fracture on the heretical beliefs of the people he all but declared war on the worship of the “False” Gods. Three generations later the Fourth Ashes reigns, and he is closer than ever to his goal of a united Living Lands, having claimed back most of the Ash Kingdom’s former territory. The remaining independent states have grown strong, but the miracles performed by the Clerics of the One True God often turn the tides.

The Living Lands Background Information

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