Welcome to The Eastern Lands.

The Eastern Lands, or the Living Lands as the area is called by it’s people, is a region to the East of the Continental Dividing Range. The region was once dominated by a large dynastic empire, The Ash Empire, and was mostly peaceful for generations until it was ravaged by a magical event known now as The Fracturing. Land upheaval and magical plague destroyed both cities and people alike, ending the Ash Dynasty when the ruling family was wiped out by sickness. The following wars led to a splintering of the empire and resulted in more deaths from both battles and famine.

Finally, a new King ruled on the edges of the Lake of Ashes, called after the Lake he arose from, he claimed himself the chosen of the One True God and quickly stabilized the region around the former capital city with his religious fervor. In the decades between his rule has passed from father to worthy son, until today the New Ash Kingdom has retaken most of it’s former lands and now seeks prizes beyond it’s former glory and an eradication of heresy.

Newcomers are advised to direct their attention to the wiki and adventure log for further information. They may also find it useful to peruse the regional map.

The Eastern Lands (Online)